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Edit your email templates and customize branding and statements
Edit your email templates and customize branding and statements

Add your logo and business information to your emails and make changes to the email content

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Any email that Paidnice sends to your customers can be customized - you can update the wording and content of the email and subject line.

You can also customize your branding by uploading a logo and setting your business information.

You should do this before sending any emails to your customers.

View, add and edit email templates

To review, add or edit your email templates select the email template menu option. You will see all of your templates in a list like this:

To get you started Paidnice includes a sample for each type of email that can be sent. You can view and edit a sample if you wish to use it as a basis for your own emails, or you can duplicate any template in the 3 dots menu to use it as a starting point for your own template:

When you create a new email template you will need to chosoe what type of email it will be from the drop down:

Each template type has specific merge tags available to insert special values. For example a late fee email would have a penalty amount merge tag, where a statement email would not. You can only select templates of the correct typ when choosing which templates to send.

When you add or edit a template you will see the edit screen on the left and a preview on the right:

As you make changes in the template editor on the left you should see those changes reflect instantly on the preview.

It is a good idea to give your template a meaningful template name so you know which one to choose when configuring your policies.

The subject line will be the subject shown in the email sent to the customer. Note: You can use any merge tags from the body in the subject line too.

The body of the email can use merge tags and links, You can also insert formatting such as bold, italic, headings, dividers and line breaks.

Note: in order to create a line break you need to use the 'break' button, the enter key won't create a new empty line in your email body.

Customize branding

You can upload a logo to use in your email templates, once uploaded it will appear in the live preview.

Go to Organisation settings on the left menu and scroll down to the branding section:

You can upload your image and it will appear on screen, then click save:

To upload a new logo click the red x icon. Once uploaded you should see it in the live preview:

The logo is also used on the customer portal and in statement PDFs like this:

Statement branding and information

For more branding you should also add your organisation details in the organisation settings screen:

This information will show in the statement, and on the portal where appropriate. You can see in the PDF example below the areas of the statement that you can customize.

You can preview the statement PDF by clicking the preview button in your organisation settings:

Or if you view a contact that has an outstanding balance, you can view the PDF statement for that contact by clicking download on their current outstanding statement:

Custom email domain

On Pro plans you can also set a custom email domain for your emails to be sent from [email protected]. Find out more here.

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