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Quick start with Paidnice

Getting started in 2 minutes - simple steps and a short video to get started using Paidnice

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This is a super fast setup guide for Paidnice - you can follow the steps below or check out our video.

If at any point you get lost, feel free to reach out to our friendly team of experts, or book in a time with us we're happy to help.

Step 1: Sign up

First you need to sign up for Paidnice, you can use your email and choose a password, or you can log in using your existing Xero or QuickBooks login

Step 2: Connect to Xero or QuickBooks

When you first sign in to Paidnice you need to connect to Xero or QuickBooks. Click the button for your accounting system:

Then follow the steps in Xero or QuickBooks to connect. Once you confirm the connection you will be redirected back to your Paidnice account to complete the guided setup.

Step 3: Complete the Guided Setup

Start by telling us about your business, and what you'd like to start using Paidnice for:

(Note: You can always add more options later)

Then decide if you want to apply these policies to some or all of your customers:

Paidnice uses groups to segment your customers.

You start with the Default Group which is all of your customers by default. You can add more groups and target specific actions to only some customers. You can even make a group with no policies, so no action is taken for the customers in the group. For example you may have a VIP customers group that has no late fees or reminders, only statements, or a Slow Payers group that gets a few extra reminders to nudge them.

Now you are ready to view your first group, click View Group and you should see the group and the policies that were created automatically for you during quick setup:

In this example above - you can see all 53 customers are in the default group, and there are 2 policies ready to be reviewed, and completed.

Step 3: Review and complete policies

Click on a policy to see the detailed settings for it:

Review the settings and then click save, to complete the policy.

For more information on each policy type see the How Paidnice works collection.

And that's it - basic setup is complete - you have your first group and your first policy!

Next steps:

  • Preview Paidnice in action - see how it will work

  • Choose a plan to start your free trial

  • Customize your branding

  • Review pending actions and go live

Learn more:

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