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Users and Accounts

How to share access to your Paidnice account with more users, and how to connect to more Xero or QuickBooks organisations

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Paidnice supports multiple users sharing access to the same Paidnice account to collaborate. Users can also access multiple Xero or QuickBooks organisations from a single login.

This article will cover how to add more users to a Paidnice account, and how to connect more Paidnice accounts to either Xero or QuickBooks.

Adding Users to Paidnice

There are two ways that users can access a Paidnice account - either

1. by connecting to an existing organisation, or 2. by being invited by an existing user.

  • Connecting to an existing organisation

This method works exactly the same as the initial connection described in this article. Each user that connects to the same Xero or QuickBooks organisation will have access to the same organisation in Paidnice.

Connected users can disconnect a Paidnice organisation and remove invited users.

  • Inviting a user

This method allows a user to be invited by email address. One the Users screen in Paidnice, click the Invite User button:

Then input the name and email of the user you want to invite. This is a great way to invite your accountant or bookkeeper to help you setup or review the Paidnice policies.

Once invited, Paidnice will send the user an email, inviting them to signup or login using their mail address to accept the invite.

If you have been invited to Paidnice you will see your pending invitations on the main dashboard like this:

The pending invitations are also available in the My Account screen.

To accept an invitation click the 'Accept invitation' button. This will then add the user to that Paidnice organisation.

πŸ›‘ A note about email verification

Verifying your email is important to prove that a user owns and has access to an email address. A user cannot accept invites if they have not verified their email address.

If you log in with Xero or QuickBooks those platforms will inform Paidnice if your email is verified. If you login with email and password directly, Paidnice will email a verification email that you need to click, in order to prove you have access to the email.

If you didn't receive a verification email please double check your email login is correct and if you still do not have the email please contact support on: [email protected] so that we can verify your email.

Removing invited users

A connected user is able to remove an invited user if they no longer need access to Paidnice. To do this simply click the remove button on the Users screen.

Connecting more organisations to Paidnice

Paidnice allows users to connect to multiple different organisations (both Xero and QuickBooks) and easily switch between each organisation using the account switcher at the top of the screen:

To do this follow the steps in 'Connecting extra organisations to Paidnice'.

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