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Why is a late fee not being applied to an invoice?
Why is a late fee not being applied to an invoice?

A quick look on reasons why an invoice may not be processed.

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This is a common question, usually down to one of the reasons below:

You have just finished setup.
Once setup, and safe mode is turned off. Late fees will not immediately be sent, we check roughly every hour or so for any late fees due to go out. If you want to test right away - you can click "Process now" on any individual invoice to skip the wait.

Safe mode is turned on.
Safe mode allows you to configure your policies and groups without danger of any invoices being processed with a partially complete policy. When your ready, ensure this is turned off under settings.

Tip: You can also test one invoice at a time while in safe mode, just click "Process Now" from the invoice options.

The invoice did not meet any of your policies.
This is the most common reason for a late fee not being sent. There can be a range of reasons for this based on your own policy setup. However the basic things to check are:

The contact of the invoice is part of a group with the policy assigned to it.

If the contact is not in any custom groups, make sure the default policies (Under groups) has the policy assigned to it.

The late fee isn't due yet.
The late fee will be processed on the due date + grace period in days. So a invoice due on May 1st, and a policy which has a 20 day grace period, will not be processed until May 21st.

Advanced policy settings prevent it.
Under each policy, an expandable section for advanced settings is at the bottom. In that section is a option to set the invoice date the policy applies from. (This defaults to today to prevent accidental fees being sent to old invoices). Make sure this date is before the invoice that should have a fee. There are also other parameters here, like minimum threshold that are worth checking.

The policy itself is not complete.
There should be a warning, but its worth checking that you have completed all required policy fields, including the account / tax information to assign the late fee to in the accounting system.

If this all looks good, and the fee is still not being sent, reach out via the chat box and we will be happy to help. Just send us the invoice number that should have the fee to help us investigate.

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