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How to use custom email signatures
How to use custom email signatures

How to use and customise email signatures in Paidnice

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You can now add a common email signature with images in Paidnice, here is a quick guide to show you how!

Step One - Create the signature

  • Head to the "Organisation Settings" page in the left hand navigation.

  • Click on the "Email Preferences" tab

  • You can now create your signature in the space provided.

  • Remember to click "save" when finished.

Images can be inserted by clicking the image button and pasting a URL to the image location

Step Two - Use it in your email templates

  • Navigate to email templates by clicking the "Email Templates" link in the left hand navigation

  • Click on the template you want to edit

  • Scroll down to the "Signature Position" option. You can select the position or if it should be hidden on this template.

    Thats it! - Use the "Send a test email" button to check how it looks in your inbox.

    Need more help? Reach out via the chatbox or book a free call

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