How to setup email notifications
With a fixed template, or your own custom design
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If you would like your late fees to be automatically emailed to your customers. You can setup email notifications to send to both your customer, and to you.

> Select Settings > Email Settings.

> Select your preferred email notification options (in the red box on the right).

Email Notications Overview:

  • Safe Mode

    Stops any background processing of invoices while enabled. Turn off once you are happy with your policy settings.

  • Send late fee notification to customer?

    Send an email to the email address on the contact file when a late payment invoice is issued.

  • Send late fee notification to yourself?

    Send an email to the email address associated with this organisation when late payment invoice issued.

  • Use Custom Emails?

    Setup a custom branded email.

Setup custom email notifications

> Select Use Custom Emails?

When the below editor loads:

> Set a custom Subject Line.

> Set the remainder of the invoice theme settings.

To use the custom merge tags.

> Select the any text box.

> Select Merge Tags, and the Merge tags you can use will drop down. Select them to insert them into your email theme.

> Select Save Email Template.

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