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Using Webhooks in Paidnice
Using Webhooks in Paidnice

Send webhooks from Paidnice to tools like Zapier to automate your accounts receivable processes

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Webhooks are messages sent automatically from one app to another. Paidnice can send a web hook message to another app when a fee is applied. This can work with tools like Zapier to automate your accounts receivable process from Xero.

Sending webhooks from Paidnice is a premium feature available on the Pro plan. If you need to connect your late fee process with other tools and services with webhooks please subscribe to the Pro plan to take advantage of this feature.

If you do not have access to webhooks on your current plan you'll see a warning like this:

The Paidnice web hook payload

The message that Paidnice sends when a late fee is applied will contain the following data:

  • invoice_id - the ID of the invoice being charged late fees

  • number - the reference number for the invoice being charged late fees

  • customer_name - the customer being charged late fees

  • date_due - due date of the invoice

  • total - total balance of the invoice

  • due - total due for the invoice (including any part payments)

  • currency - the currency of the invoice

Using Paidnice webhooks

In this example we'll show how you could create a Zap in Zapier that will receive a Paidnice webhook.

First create a new Zap and choose the Webhooks by Zapier option and use the Catch hook event:

Once you save you will receive a Zapier webhook URL like this:

Copy/paste the webhook URL into Paidnice and set it:

Now you can use actions in Zapier for any of the 100's of connected services. For example you could add a comment in your CRM that a late fee was applied, or a row in a Google spreadsheet.

This example shows how to use Zapier but the Paidnice webhook feature can work with any webhook integration in the same way as we've shown here.

Errors with your webhooks

If your webhook stops working Paidnice will disable it and you'll see this error in the web hook settings page:


We'd love to have your feedback on webhooks - want more data? more events? Let us know, we want to enable your Accounts Receivable automation and would welcome feedback on how we can help.

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