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How to adding other users to your account
How to adding other users to your account

Add, and remove users from your organisation.

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For those connecting with Xero:

If you have logged into Paidnice with your Xero account, you can add new users to your account via your Xero organization.

  1. Log into your Xero account.

  2. Go to Settings > Users > Add your users.

  3. After they've confirmed that they are users of your Xero account, instruct them to log in to Paidnice using their Xero account.

Any users attached to your Xero account will be able to log in to your Xero organization on Paidnice.

Example: Adding your accountant or bookkeeper.

If you wish to invite your accountant or bookkeeper to manage your Paidnice account, you can do so, provided they are already attached to your Xero account.

They will be able to log in to Paidnice themselves and select your Organization from the dropdown menu.

If you encounter any issues adding connected Xero users to your Paidnice account, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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